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Material introduction and process standard of spare ribs bed frame

The spare ribs bed frame is a furniture accessory with a steel and wood structure. With the continuous development and innovation of furniture, the style and craftsmanship of the spare ribs bed frame are also constantly changing. However, due to cost constraints, traditional styles still dominate the market. To facilitate consumers to understand the spare ribs bed frame, here is a brief introduction to them.

spare ribs bed frame

1. Steel pipe:

  • The steel pipes used around the iron frame are made of thermal properties, that is, after heat treatment, they can be bent, with a soft texture and strong toughness.
  • The steel pipe used in the middle of the iron frame is cold, that is, it has not undergone heat treatment, has a hard texture, is not easily deformed, and has a strong bearing capacity.
  • The specifications of the steel pipes used around the iron frame are 30*30mm square pipe, with a wall thickness of 1.0mm.
  • The specifications of the middle pipe of the iron frame of the folding bed frame are: 30*30mm, and the wall thickness is 0.9mm. Two side by side.
  • The specification of the middle pipe of the iron frame of the flat bed frame is 25*50mm, and the wall thickness is 0.9mm. Single.

2. Rib strips:

  • Poplar material, made of 8 layers of veneer glued and hot pressed (the surface can be embossed with stickers)
  • Specifications: 56*9.3mm (width*thickness)
  • Characteristics: The curved shape is flexible, and the strength of a single strip is 20kg.

3. Plastic cover:

PE+PO material is tough, strong in tensile strength, and has cold resistance. The styles are one-way, two-way, and double.

4. Steel pipe surface treatment:

The material is first pickled to remove oil and rust, then phosphating and surface conditioning sprayed with electrostatic plastic powder, and finally baked at a high temperature of 200 degrees. This process has a strong anti-rust effect and is environmentally friendly.

Function description of slats:

1. Steel-wood structure, fashionable and beautiful.

2. Convenient transportation and installation and strong bearing capacity.

3. The unique ventilation function can effectively protect the mattress, and prevent moisture and mildew.

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