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What are the materials of the slatted bed frame?

The slatted bed frame is very popular among consumers, so what are the characteristics of the bed in reality? What material is used for the slatted frame of the bed?

slatted bed frame

Features of slatted frame bed

  1. It’s shaped like a dragon skeleton, giving it an alias: bed dragon skeleton. It has a wide range of force restrictions and can effectively release pressure.
  2. The gap between the ribs and the ribs allows the air to circulate between the mattress and the bed, which is beneficial to the “breathing” of the mattress.
  3. The metal bracket of the row frame is made of A3 square steel, which is solid and durable. The slats give E1 environmentally friendly birch plywood, good elasticity, less water content, not easy to regain moisture, and anti-mildew.
  4. The slat is given a hollow tube, which is low in weight, easy to move, and easy to clean.

    Advantages of slatted beds

    The advantage of the slatted bed compared with the plank bed is that it has good air permeability, is easy to clean, and has good elasticity. If you compare the quality of sleep, the slatted bed is still a good choice. But of course, the bed with the slat is exciting to sleep in, and the technology and materials are stricter than that of the flatbed, and the cost will increase accordingly.

    Inforamtion of the slatted bed frame

    The wood of the high-quality slats in the shopping mall is made of solid wood, and the European-style beds of many furniture brands are made of 100% solid wood, such as crab neem, mahogany hedgehog red sandalwood, etc. It is given a Chinese mortise and tenon joint, which is very stable. Even if we stand on it alone under normal circumstances and only step on two, it will not break. Therefore, it can be seen that the frame bed with fine and beautiful materials and craftsmanship is a good choice.

    slatted bed frame

    The middle position of the slats in the organization of the bed

    In modern furniture, the bed consists of a mattress and a bed frame. The mattress is in direct contact with people, and it is easy to see whether it is good or bad. However, the bed frame supporting it is not easy to see and easily overlooked. Even many people think that as long as you have a good mattress, you have a good bed. As for the bed frame, optional. It’s not useless. In all beds, the mattress is indeed very important, but the role of the bed frame can not be ignored. A good bed frame can not only prolong the service life of the mattress but also bring out the advantages of a good mattress to the extreme. In the improvement of the personalization of the whole bedroom, the row frame has a higher status. Because the personality of the bed depends on the characteristics of the user (including height, weight, sleeping position, etc.), different body data or different sleeping positions will give different support. And it is the bed frame that can give the response support force at the different stress points.

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