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Flat Board VS Slat. Which is better?

The flat board is a whole board or several boards placed directly on the bed beam or column. The workmanship is relatively simple and the hardness is harder. In addition, there is a support body or a support frame under the flatbed board, which will give people the illusion of being more solid.

Therefore, most of the people who choose the bed boards are because the price is cheap, and the second is that it is not easy to deform and is stronger. The quality of a flatbed board depends entirely on the wood material. Good material will be hard and strong, not easy to deform.

If a poor material is used, it will not only be uncomfortable to sleep in but even break and deform in the later stage, which will affect the service life of the mattress.

Moreover, when you go to bed at night, tossing and turning the flatbed board will make a creaking sound, which will greatly reduce the quality of sleep for people with poor sleep.

On the other hand, the air permeability of the flat panel is not good, and the mattress is prone to moisture, mold, and mites, especially Tatami. If the air temperature and humidity increase during the rainy season, people are more likely to cause skin diseases, respiratory diseases, and allergic symptoms.

Therefore, if you have to buy it, you must pay attention to whether there are ventilation holes. In addition, the size of the board and whether the edge is sealed will affect the use effect, so pay attention when purchasing.

Flat Board VS Slat

A slatted bed frame, also called a curved bed frame, is composed of slats of connected shelves in the center of the bed frame. The purpose of these slats is to hold the stressed structure in place to support the pressure from the mattress.

Many people pay attention to the need for ventilation when buying a mattress, but they don’t know that the structure of the bed frame also has a great impact on ventilation. Compared with the flatbed board, the advantages of the slats are more obvious. The hollow design of the slat has good moisture drainage and air permeability, which can avoid the problem of water accumulation and bacteria breeding on the mattress caused by poor ventilation.

On the other hand, the slat joints of the bed frame are generally equipped with buffer devices, which have good elasticity, are ergonomic, and are relatively soft. Matching the mattress will increase the comfort of use and prolong the service life of the mattress.

Generally speaking, the bearing capacity of a frame is 40 kg, and the bearing capacity of a row frame in normal use is 350-400 kg, which is larger than that of a flatbed board. After the mattress is put on, the slat bed frame is evenly stressed, so there is no need to worry about the problem of being firm.

At the same time, through the rational design of the sparse density of the ribs, the ribs can bear a wide range of force and can disperse the force, so that each slat can be evenly loaded, providing proper support for all parts of our body, allowing us to sleep more comfortably, healthier.

In terms of price, although the row frame is more expensive than the flat plate board, its service life is 8 to 10 years, or even longer, and the cost performance is higher. Therefore, relatively speaking, the row frame bed board is more worth buying!

Which slat is better?

At present, the slatted bed frame is mainly divided into three types: rolling shutter type, insert type straight bed frame, and fixed curved bed frame.

From the perspectives of toughness, stability, muteness, durability, etc., we found that the overall performance of the fixed curved slatted bed frame is the best.

Considering the material of the slat, the materials are mostly birch, beech, ash, etc. Among them, ash is the most expensive, and birch has the most stable performance, and elasticity and is not easy to deform.

Moreover, the bearing capacity of the birch slat frame in normal use is 350-400 kg, and the bearing capacity is large, so there is no need to worry that the row frame is not strong.

Typically, the row frame is paired with an individual pocket spring mattress. The gap between the rows of skeletons should be smaller than the diameter of the spring, otherwise, the gap will be too large, which will cause the mattress to collapse. If the mattress spring is not supported, it will cause damage and shorten the service life of the mattress.

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