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The difference between a slatted bed and a storage bed

The slatted bed frame relies on the slats to support the mattress, and it can also lie down directly, which is an evolution of the bed board in the traditional sense. Flexible metal square tube, bent wood, or plastic material. At present, the slatted bed frame is foldable, can be lifted, and is connected with the bed body by a pneumatic rod.

Lift Up Storage Bed Frame

The slatted bed frame has several characteristics:

  1. In line with the mechanical principles of human mechanics, the slat has a certain elasticity. The elasticity of the bed and the elasticity of the mattress will make people more comfortable when lying down, which is beneficial to the human body.
  2. The air permeability of the slatted bed frame is better than that of the wooden board bed, because it is composed of slats, and there are gaps between the slats to increase the air mobility, thereby improving the air permeability of the bed and preventing the growth of bacteria. , suitable for the humid and hot home environment.
  3. The force range is wide, and the slat distributes the force evenly so that each slat can bear a force of more than 120kg. Because it can be evenly stressed, the human spine will not be suspended, and the quality of sleep will be improved.
  4. The bearing capacity of the bed frame in normal use is 350-400 kg, which is larger than that of the wood plank.
    slatted bed frame VS storage bed

    Storage bed:

    The storage bed means that the bed surface is 20-50 cm higher than the usual bed. Due to the high bed body, there are many boxes inside, which can be used for storing things.

    Of course, the high box bed can put more things, but if it is too high, it will be inconvenient for the elderly to get on and off the bed. Therefore, it is better to use the standard height of the bed for the elderly. In addition, as a bed for the elderly, it is best not to use a storage type, which is easy to hurt the foot.

    The storage bed does not have very high requirements on the selection of materials, but it is recommended to pay attention to various conditions such as mold and moisture in hot and humid areas. Keep the inside of the bed storage dry by cleaning it frequently.

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